Prestressed Spun Concrete Poles for Overhead Line Distribution, Transmission & Substation electrical networks

Standards and Specification    

All  pre-stressed spun concrete poles are engineered products designed for each specific application and manufactured following rigid Quality standards. (e.g. PDO Standard - SP-1102B, Ver 10, Mach 2020, DCRP-OER, EN standards, BS standards)

Company is certified and accredited with ISO 90012008 Quality management system. 

Our products are approved by Petroleum Development of Oman and DCRP. 

Oman Poles is registered with Joint Supplier Registration system (JSRS) as a approved vendor to supply in Oil & Gas Industries. 

Pole Sizes, Type and Strength 

Oman Poles factory is equipped with facilities, having capacity and capability to manufacture concrete poles for usage in Power distribution, Transmission and substation Network. The poles are available in a wide range of Length/Sizes, Types, Strength/load and application with fitting requirements from ;- 

  • Length/Sizes :

    9Mtrs to 24Mtr Poles ( Single lengths upto 24Mtr and can manufacture jointed lengths to make a pole of 40Mtr length.

  • Types

    Light Angle Poles
    Intermediate Poles 
    Angle Section Poles
    Terminal Poles
    Tap-off Poles

  • Strength

    4.18kN, 6kN, 10.5kN, 15kN, 18kN, 30kN, 40kN, 49.5kN

  • Application

    Poles for Single Circuit Line
    Poles for Double Circuit Line
    Poles for Overhead Road / Pipeline Crossing
    Poles for Well feeder line 
    Poles for Switch rack Application

Custom Designed & Manufacturing (For Customer specific Requirements)

Oman Poles has a team of highly experienced Technical design, Quality Control and Marketing professionals to cater and provide solutions to customers project specific requirements.Concrete poles of other sizes, types, strength and application can be manufactured as per customer project requirement and request.
We have provided solution to consultants and contractor for road and wadi crossings,long span lengths, special mounting attachments.

  • Holes:   

    Holes are precast to meet the standard requirement, can also be made to clients specification with preformed holes for mounting attachments, any desired arrangement can be provided.

  • Standard:    

    All Poles are supplied with built in standard fitting like Aeration vent, Earthing studs, Pole Name plate and Aluminum pole cap with fixing bolts. Also All poles are with bottom capping and Soil protection paint as per client Specs

  • OHL Fitting & Silicone Rubber Insulators:    

    Our Group Company Global Corp Enterprises L.L.C –  PDO approved vendor, stock and supplies Overhead line fitting, accessories, cross-arms for usage and suitable for Concrete poles. Electrical Insulator Company Mfrs 33KV to 132KV silicone rubber Insulators in Sumail - Oman, approved in DCRP and PDO supplied to various projects in Oman.

Oman Poles also offer value added service - Concrete pole Hole drilling with Soilmech Auger Rig and Also Earth hole drilling serevice (PRD make Earth Rig)

Over the past Eight years Oman has seen particularly rapid growth in the use of concrete poles over Wooden poles, which has become increasingly unacceptable environmentally

Oman Poles Pre-stressed spun concrete poles were developed to meet the expanding demand of the Local utility and Petroleum Development of Oman in their infrastructure projects.

With application of advanced technology and equipment, special care are taken at each step of the process to ensure high Quality product followed by stringent quality control procedures and checks in accordance to various international standards and local utilities specifications. 

The range of concrete poles has high demand across the country for its superior quality as well as for its long term durability even in the harshest environment.
Till date Oman Poles have supplied Thousands of poles and Installed in various project sites.

The advantages of pre - stressed spun concrete poles for overhead line distribution, transmission and substation networks are listed below

  • The proven & solid alternative to wood.
  • Exceptionally smooth and durable.
  • Aesthetically pleasing & environmentally friendly.
  • High Strength. Pre-stressed Concrete Poles are classified by their ultimate Breaking capacity to sustain a horizontal load applied at a point two feet below the tip.
  • The concrete used is a special high-strength mix design, put into compression by pre-stressed high-strength steel strands.
  • Requires no routine maintenance and have a longer life.
  • Requires no painting, will not rust, are impervious to sunlight (ultraviolet radiation), chemicals (fertilizers, oils, etc.), and do not require ground line treating.
  • Amenable to being stored and stock-piled even in remote areas
  • Direct embedding into the ground with easy, fast installation and low foundation costs
  • Earthing wire integrated in the pole reinforcement.
  • Oman Pole supplies concrete poles with Aluminium pole cap and fixing bits iolts. 

Our Group Company Global Corp Enterprises deals, stock and supplies Overhead line fitings, crossarms, pole accessories and other attachments to provide complete installation solutions to the contractor’s.