Manufacturing Process


Oman Poles manufactures pre-stressed spun concrete poles that offers best utility and value for money. Poles are manufactured by combining the benefits of spinning and pre-stressing for high density, low weight and higher strength to weight ratio.

Most of the raw materials used in manufacturing Concrete poles are sourced from reputed suppliers locally. 

By applying advanced technology and equipment, special care at each step of the process to ensure high Quality product following stringent Quality control procedures, Testing and Inspection in accordance to various international standards and local Utilities specifications. Oman Poles is a ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certified Company.

Step-1 / Reinforcement / Cage Preparation 
Circumferential spiral wire coil is placed on the lower steel mould. 
All the accessories like Pole name plate, Earthing stud, Pins for through holes, Nut for Aluminium cap and Aeration Vent are inserted.
Pre-stressed strand is then inserted longitudinally through the tension plate, spiral wire coils and Anchor plate. PC strand are fastened at both ends of the Mould. Spiral Wire is tied on to the PC strand with the help of binding wire.
Retaining ring at regular interval are inserted to ensure correct concrete cover. Cage is positioned in lower half of the steel moulds. After the completion of all the activities each pre-stressed strands are pulled to form a cage and pre-tensioned 



Step-2 / Concrete Batching/Mix – High Concrete Strength 

Poles are made in steel moulds from high quality concrete with a mix designed to achieve the concrete strength C55/67 and durability.

The high strength concrete is poured into the lower half mold, then the upper half of the mould is bolted on to the lower half. The Pre-stressed strand are tensioned. The mould is then shifted to spinning machine.




Step-3 / Spinning 
Once the Mould is placed on the Spinning machine, spinning process is carried out. During the Spinning process the mold is rotated for a specific designed time. The pole derives its extra strength properties from the unique centrifugal manufacturing process which gives uniform densely compacted concrete along the whole length of the pole.

This centrifugal force form a hollow core at the centre axis of the pole and creates a uniformly dense high strength concrete with a particularly smooth finish.

The final stage of the spinning cycle also removes water that is surplus to cement hydration requirements.


Step-4 / Stream Curing 



After the spinning process is completed the Concrete pole is placed in the curing pit for steam curing. Steam curing process is  carried out at controlled temperature and for a specific time period as per the work instruction displayed at the work station.




Step-5 / De-molding 



After the completion of Steam curing process the Concrete pole is shifted to de-moulding work station. The Concrete pole is carefully de-moulded from the mold and shifted to finishing work station for further finishing, final Inspection and testing.



Step-6 / Finishing, Inspection & Testing 

Finishing of poles are carried out by cutting the exposed Strands/wire.
Concrete capping is done at the Bottom. and application of Nitocote is carried out as per the Work Final Instruction
All the accessories like aeration vent, earthing Stud, Pole Number Plate are checked for proper finish. Physical & Dimensional checks are carried out. All the Holes are checked for finish. All other Inspection and Testing including compression test are carried out as per the Quality plan.
All the Concrete poles are delivered to the customers with product test certificate, Delivery Note.